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Gay and Saved

Homosexuals who have a new life in Christ (or would like to)

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This is a community about we homosexuals who have either made three very simple choices or are wanting to learn more about the following:

1) We have accepted Jesus Christ into our life as Lord and Savior (or want to know more about Him and what He did for us), and

2) Because of that life-changing decision, we have either not ever lived the "gay lifestyle" or have abandoned it (or may be willing to) so that our relationship with Jesus may develop as real and holy, and with Him as the ONLY One for us. We realize that one's orientation and lifestyle do not necessarily have to be in lockstep with what the world would dictate, and

3) We choose to not condemn or harass (i.e. no "gay bashing") other homosexuals who have not made the above choices, but would rather let our own simple choices and lifestyle speak for us. Sharing the "good news" and sharing what Jesus is doing in our life should be done when the situation makes it appropriate to do so.

Condemning fellow homosexuals who have not made this decision is NOT part of our mission. We MUST love fellow homosexuals and allow the Holy Spirit to take our loving interaction with them to bring them to Him. Jesus used love and not condemnation to bring others to Him and we should do the same thing. It is much easier to condemn than to love, but condemnation is not what Jesus did, nor did he give us the authority to do that either.