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The best way to witness to other homosexuals

I'm just wondering the best way to witness to fellow homosexuals who may not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I know no homosexuals in real life (that I know of!), so the next best place would be on the Internet, and via Journals and Blogs such as this. The problem is, I'm sometimes too impatient to take the time that it takes to bring one to Christ. It can be a slow and often frustrating experience. That is because we are dealing with forces working against us (Satan) as well as forces that are working for us (the Holy Spirit). But it takes a lot of prayer and dedication to bring one to Christ. How envious am I of Paul who it seemed could bring thousands of souls to Christ in just a day or so! But I'm no Paul, so I will use what God has given me to do the best job I can of being an ambassador that He can be proud of, one who represents Him well.

Obviously as shown by Jesus the best way to witness is through love for others. Beyond that, there are probably many techniques that can be used to gently bring one into a fellowship prompted by the Holy Spirit that leads one directly to Jesus Christ. I hope to get some tips on how to do that effectively and lovingly.
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